Top 20 NoCamo Posts

Here are the top 20 NoCamo posts of all time…

  1. Check It Out – Top Ten Church Bulletin Bloopers
  2. Atheism: Coming to Terms with Hopelessness
  3. Cutting the Cord: the Result
  4. Fantastical Journey Part 4: Rob Bell
  5. Updated – On My Feet: Standing Workstation
  6. Check It Out – Skiff Reader: The Ulimate E-Reader (via Church Mag)
  7. Proclaim Church Presentation Software
  8. Scriptures for Praise and Worship on 091811
  9. Check This Out – SBC Resolution Against TNIV 2011 (via Baptist Press)
  10. Digital Footprint RFI
  11. Boo or Bride? Why Your Girlfriend Ain’t Your Wife
  12. To Unfollow or Not to Unfollow – My Twitter Strategy
  13. Write a Letter
  14. Things Heard During Super Mario
  15. Flame On
  16. Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Music Leaders Part 1
  17. Grimacing Musically: Why Musicians Should Wear an Apron
  18. Sunday Setlist 070311 and a Note about Service Planning for Holidays
  19. Skateboarding, Baseball, and Church Visitors
  20. Behind the Curtain – The Hour Before

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Until then…