Proclaim Church Presentation Software

I saw a tweet from Pastor Chris Elrod about a presentation software called Proclaim

I went and checked out the promo video and immediately flipped…

What a smart idea. I have written before about my Apple/Google hybrid experience, so much of my workflow lives in the cloud. This solution makes perfect sense.

The idea of anyone having access to a service script from anywhere is a great one. At our church, there are a handful of people who need access to scripts on two different projection computers. Allowing them to do so from whatever computer they choose is a big plus.

Potential downside: what if there are connection issues? After all, this software will feature prominently on Sunday morning, when there are not many service calls made by the cable company. If the projection computer cannot access the Internet, what is the alternative? Is there a way to save a script locally ahead of time and make updates from the cloud? Time will tell.

I’m looking forward to getting a trial copy.