MobileMe vs. Google? A NoCamo Departure

I don’t normally go down this road, but I am in the midst of a technological quandary. Some of you may go through the same stuff.

Once upon a time…

When I first switched to Mac, I subscribed to MobileMe. Then, as I have detailed before, I stumbled into the Having-My-Own-Website world with iWeb, and here we are today.

When the iPhone followed shortly thereafter, I was thrilled with the idea of syncing all my contacts and such with my work Mac. I was still using a PC at home, but most of my heavy computing was at the church anyway.

There were snags along the way. I lost all of my contacts once. Poof. Just gone. And things didn’t always sync well – had some problems with time zones and connection. And the interface was a bear.

Then we (finally) switched to a Mac at Wellman Manor. Everything synced. Very nice.

Then I entered the world of Google. Hooked from “go.”

I actively use many of their products enthusiastically. Reader, Voice, Gmail, Calendar, Docs, and others.

So why am I paying for MobileMe?

It was a no brainer when my last subscription year was up. MobileMe was the host for this blog. So I re-upped.

Then I became a WordPress junkie (Anybody else notice a pattern of addiction driving this discussion? Help me, Lecrae – I need Rehab!). I didn’t need a host anymore. I use the free WordPress site with my domain and am absolutely thrilled with that setup.

So, again, why am I paying for MobileMe?

I am in the middle of a cost/benefit analysis of the whole thing. I am currently using MobileMe sync for my contacts and bookmarks, Google for my email and calendar, ToodleDo for my GTD needs, and Evernote for my notes. Of all those options, only MobileMe costs money – $99 a year, although I have learned it is cheaper through other sources. Still, cheaper is more expensive than free (you can quote me on that).

Are my contacts worth $99 a year? Only when I can’t access them. 🙂

What to do, what to do?!?! Thoughts?

2 thoughts on “MobileMe vs. Google? A NoCamo Departure

  1. You’ve just got the wrong business model; charge folks to be one of your contacts. For a nominal fee, allow the to upgrade to Platinum contact status.
    P.S. Your Gold Elite Priority Contacts Club quarterly renewal dues are due: act now & I’ll throw in a free ping. Terms are .net+ 30.

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