How I Blog On My iPad 

Watch any science fiction movie or show and you will see a common thread - touch screens and tablets are pervasive. Physical keyboards are nowhere to be found. Today, most people's primary computing device is the phone in their pocket or purse, and that trend seems likely to continue and to escalate. I happily use … Continue reading How I Blog On My iPad 

Why Eliminating the Headphone Jack is the Wrong Call

The rumor mill has already begun speculating what new features and form factors will be in the iPhone 7 when it is released next year. As an Apple fan, I follow them with some interest, but I don’t assume that these guesses are correct until I see some hard evidence. There is one rumor, however, … Continue reading Why Eliminating the Headphone Jack is the Wrong Call

I Will Never Hear Adele’s New Album

 When I heard that Adele’s new album would not be released to streaming sites like Spotify, I had one thought... Well, I guess I’ll never hear Adele’s new album. I am an all-in Spotify user. I figure, for the cost of one album on iTunes per month, I can listen to almost anything I want … Continue reading I Will Never Hear Adele’s New Album

Why Cheap Electronics Cost More

I thought I had it all figured out. I researched. I read reviews. I read more reviews. I wanted a small tablet. The iPad Mini had just been introduced, and I already had a first gen Kindle Fire for work. But I thought there might be a better way. So my research pointed me to … Continue reading Why Cheap Electronics Cost More

Why Retina Everything?

I've used the movie Minority Report as an illustration on #NoCamo before. If you have seen the movie, you know that it is a good representation of the way many people believe the future will look. Myself included. Particularly, the fact that there is video everywhere! Isn't that what we think of when we consider … Continue reading Why Retina Everything?

Coding – a Journey to Somewhere

My journey into coding has begun anew. I've been working through Python lessons via Codecademy for a couple of days now, and I am really enjoying it. I had no idea how similar Python is to Basic, which I picked up a little bit in middle school. Also, I played around with Basic on my … Continue reading Coding – a Journey to Somewhere

The Day the Nexus Died – Coding?

In my last post, I lamented the passing of my Nexus 7, my discouragement with my techie lameness, and the lack of time to fix either. I have been tossing around the idea of learning to code for a while now. I even began some CSS lessons on Codecademy a while back, but other things … Continue reading The Day the Nexus Died – Coding?

The Day the Nexus Died

So my Nexus died. I have referenced that tablet in other posts. How I loved that thing. How it suits my content consumption (and some creation) needs to a T. Well, that ceases to be the case when it seizes up after 18 months. #Google #fail Anyway, I contacted Google support and was given information … Continue reading The Day the Nexus Died

Learning to Type Again

Anybody else catch 24: Live Another Day? (How's that for the intro line to a post about tablet blogging?) I love 24. Always have. And for many reasons.  But this isn't really a fan post, so let me get to the point. There was a scene early on in the series where Chloe met up … Continue reading Learning to Type Again

Tablet Blogging

I won't make excuses for the haphazard frequency of posting lately. It's a reality, but I quite simply haven't taken the time to write. Well, I've written some things, but nothing ready to publish. What I thought I'd do is shake up my processes. I think, for the next few posts, I will create, edit, … Continue reading Tablet Blogging