Music Technology

My New Old Hobby – How Tech Renewed My Love of Making Music

mixerI’ve caught the recording bug. Again.

iBlog Technology

A Bigger iPhone?

OK, here’s my take on the new iPhone 6.


Wearables, Star Trek, and Voices in My Head

listenOn the way to work the other morning, I listened to a tech podcast where a discussion regarding Nike’s apparent exit from the wearables category ensued. The consensus among the panel was that smartwatches and other wearable tech just needed to find the right form factor and function to gain an audience.

Google Glass. Galaxy Gear. Pebble’s viability. Apple (maybe) imminent iWatch. The tech news about wearables is chock full of stories about who will get it right. Which device will strike the balance between usability and form?

However, as I have said before on #NoCamo, there is an aspect of wearables that is being (largely) overlooked.

Voice commands.

iBlog Technology

Cell Phone No More

I think it’s time for a revolution.

Discussion Technology

Sunday Charging

Just curious…

How many things do you charge Saturday night before church on Sunday?

Me? At least 4…

  • iPhone 5S
  • Nexus 7
  • MacBook Air (usually)
  • iPod Nano (used for pre-service music at church)

Your turn.


My Favorite Piece of Wearable Tech

MG_7474_largeThere are a lot of stories in the news about wearable computing – Google Glass, iWatch, Up/Fitbit/Fuelband, and others. I even wrote about the possibilities for Glass in ministry here.

I currently use wearable tech, but not in the way you think. My fav piece of tech are my Bluetooth headphones.

Ministry Technology

Using GroupMe for Ministry

GroupMe (Photo credit: jagrs)


Communication is vital to any ministerial endeavor. But in most cases, it is the most difficult to maintain. How do you keep everyone in the loop?


Keep Your Camera with You

A few weeks ago, Tony and I were on our way home from open gym for basketball at his school. It has been raining here for a week straight, but there was finally an evening of sunshine.

As we looked to our left, we saw a gorgeous rainbow – just the end of it. I snapped a quick picture of it, and continued on…

2013-07-06 20.51.18

A little further down the road, we noticed that it was not simply a segment of the rainbow, but the whole thing was bright and visible. Not only that, but it was a double rainbow. We found a place to pull off the road (along with four or five other cars), and snapped some pictures…

2013-07-06 20.56.52

It was so close and so large, I couldn’t shoot the whole thing the standard way, so I took a video of it, and then took panoramas. The one shown here was the one that turned out the best.

I’ve heard it said that, even for professional photographers, the best camera in your arsenal is the one you have with you when you really need it. It really is a valid statement.


I Have Managed to Completely Avoid Windows 8 (Almost)

That’s right. As techie as I am, I have yet to sit down and use a machine running 8.

I haven’t avoided it on purpose, either. Oh sure, I’ve messed with a machine at Best Buy a few times, and I’ve used one briefly at work. Certainly not enough to know my way around the UI.

What does that say for its market saturation?

I use a Mac at home, at my job I use flippin’ XP, and on the couch I use Android (Nexus 7). Don’t feel like I need to change any of those any time soon (well, my work computer isn’t my call anyway, but still…).

Do you use Windows 8? Would your life be any different if it never came out?

Social Media Technology

Mining for Tweets – How I Provide Spectacular Social Media Stuff

miningGotta love a snappy title.

Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Sharemess, Garbage-go, Picsofmyfood-ster…

(OK, I might have made a couple of those up)

…much of what we do online today is sharing with others. Tips, news, recommendations, opinions… so many ways to contribute to the virtual conversation.