Reflection of God – Sermon from September 20, 2020 (YouTube video)

Launching a Church Livestream (YouTube video)

Christian One Issue Voter Seeks Candidate

Let me start this post by saying that I am by no means a political prognosticator. My views are likely not unique. I do not have any inside information to share. But I feel that I need to mark the occasion of this election due to the controversies, implications, and divisiveness it has wrought. First … Continue reading Christian One Issue Voter Seeks Candidate


Have you ever thought that something that came from your brain was completely original, but you find out that it already exists? Once, I had an idea for a pre-pasted toothbrush that could be purchased from a vending machine for the dental hygiene fan on the go. Apparantly this brainchild of mine was not original, … Continue reading Yeahbut

My Stay-At-Home Workout

quar·an·tine/ˈkwôrənˌtēn/nouna state, period, or place of isolation in which people or animals that have arrived from elsewhere or been exposed to infectious or contagious disease are placed. Yeah, I'm not gonna use the word "quarantine" anymore. We are "stay-at-home." So I can't go to the gym. Had a really good roll going, was seeing some … Continue reading My Stay-At-Home Workout

Let’s Figure Out Live Streaming Church This Week

OK, so I'm not the first person to write about the coronavirus and its effect on churches and how we operate and minister to our congregations. But to be fair, none of us knew a month ago (or even a week or two ago) that this pandemic would shut down almost everything and change almost … Continue reading Let’s Figure Out Live Streaming Church This Week

Will My MDiv Lead to More Blogging? (I Hope So) As those of you who have followed this blog can attest, I have REALLY neglected posting on #NoCamo in recent months. OK, years. I'm hoping that my MDiv and its writing-intensive requirements will not hinder my blogging further. In fact, I hope it will spur an uptick in output, as the creative writing juices … Continue reading Will My MDiv Lead to More Blogging? (I Hope So)

Back to School Clothes – Sermon from August 25, 2019

Thoughts About Alaska

I’ve been telling folks at my church that the days and weeks have been running together lately. Part of this is because it’s summer, and summer days tend to be less remarkable somehow than days through the rest of the year. The main reason I feel my days are running together is because in the … Continue reading Thoughts About Alaska

An Adventure!

(Yes, that's right. I posted to #NoCamo. I'm hoping to be much more consistent with my content for the foreseeable future, because...) My family and I are moving to Nevada! I have been called as the Worship and Connections Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Elko, Nevada. We should (Lord willing) be there before the … Continue reading An Adventure!