Weekly Mind Dump 041517… Not So Much

Isn't it funny that, when you say you're going to do a weekly post about everything that happened during the week, you get so backed up with actual things going on that you aren't able to keep track of everything well enough to make a concise blog post about it? (I have no idea if … Continue reading Weekly Mind Dump 041517… Not So Much

Weekly Mind Dump 031617

It has been an eventful week. Here is this week’s #nocamowmd… My daughter, Lydia, got to sing Francesca Battistelli’s Giants Fall at Blue Grass Baptist School’s talent show. She did AWESOME! So proud. My church, LBT, is finishing up as sermon series called I Am a Church Member. To wit, I read an interesting supporting … Continue reading Weekly Mind Dump 031617

 Weekly Mind Dump 031117

I’ve been debating on how to be more consistent with content on this blog. I desperately want to keep it going, but I need a way to kickstart content creation. I’ve decided to start taking notes through the week and doing a kind of weekly mind dump every weekend (It just occurred to me that … Continue reading  Weekly Mind Dump 031117

A Serious Christmas Message 2016

A few years back, I shared with my readers a serious Christmas message... http://vimeo.com/56301672 Had to be done.  This year, I have yet another serious Christmas message to share... https://youtu.be/hSqGJvU_Uo0 Until next year...

Trump Won – My Sleepless Thoughts

I woke early on Wednesday morning to find that Donald Trump has won the presidency of the United States. America clearly voted against the Clinton legacy, and I am grateful for that. Trump was not my first choice by far, but he has promised to be a proponent for issues which I support, and I … Continue reading Trump Won – My Sleepless Thoughts

Come Hear Us Sing!

The Worship Choir at Lexington Baptist Temple is presenting their Christmas Cantata on December 14th at 10:30am. If you can be there, I'd be thrilled. The choir has worked very hard, and it should be a good time of worship. Here's a list of the songs... -Christmastime -A Strange Way to Save the World -God … Continue reading Come Hear Us Sing!

My Coffee Cup

My cup. I liked it when it was brand new, and the logo was pristine. I think I like it better now that the logo is worn. Weathered. Showing its age. Not sure how I'll feel when the logo is gone for good. We'll see.

Feeding the Fish

We got to visit Purina corporate offices in STL with friends Mr. Dan and Mrs. Debbie and feed fish in their coy pond. Fun!

Chopsticks for Snacking

No greasy fingers for this guy. Anyone else do this? No? Just me? Ok.

Recording Saturday

It's a "music stuff has taken over the kitchen table" kind of Saturday.