Sunday Setlist 070311 and a Note about Service Planning for Holidays

Happy Independence Day weekend! Here is today’s Sunday Setlist…

  • Battle Hymn of the Republic
  • Everlasting God
  • O God Our Help In Ages Past (TRBC version from Red Tie Music)
  • Free Indeed (see video above)
  • Made to Worship
  • Agnus Dei

When I plan a service, I take into account the time of year and the holidays and observances that are taking place, and we make reference to them in the worship service. But I see it as part of my responsibility as a pastor and music minister to steer our attentions and affections to our Lord.

So, our service today made mention of freedom, but sourced our freedom to Christ’s death on the cross. We praised God for His authority over all things, including our nation and her people. And we recognize our military members in thanksgiving for their sacrifices for others.

-link to Planning Center script

Have a great holiday!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Setlist 070311 and a Note about Service Planning for Holidays

  1. That is always the trick in planning near holidays, especially when they are patriotic holidays. I want our congregation to thank God for our country and those who have serve to protect our freedom, but I don’t want anything to compete with God’s glory when we are gathered together as the church. For this weekend, we spent time in prayer thanking God for how He has given us freedom in this country, and asking that He help us to use the freedom to expand His kingdom.

    Great thoughts, brother.

  2. Great comment about planning for holiday services. I totally agree with your statement. It is not our role to make people feel good about patriotism but point them to God. I addressed this issue in my Sunday Setlist blog also.

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