Subtle Change to How I Deal with Politics

I have written on #NoCamo about how, when I am up in arms about a political issue, I tend to care too much and forget that God is in control. That hasn’t really changed. That is why I don’t comment on political issues on here, unless they affect my faith.

That is where my political shift exists.

The political environment in this country today is so DISHONEST. It doesn’t really matter if it is Republican or Democrat – whoever has the best lie tends to prevail. And I do believe that Christians are to be champions of the truth.

Do Christians lie? Yes. Are all politicians unsaved? Of course not. But I believe that the political environment is starting to cross too many lines for me as a follower of Christ to ignore out of over-carefulness on my part.

I am of the opinion that the end times are a’comin’ soon, and that things will not get better long-term for people of faith. And turning a blind eye to our circumstances does not change said circumstances.

I don’t mind saying that I am better informed than most folks. That is not a brag. I just read a lot of news sources every day. And lately, since my change of heart on politics, I have shared some of my findings…

I don’t even really think my thought shift has to do with politics. It has to do with my faith. It has to do with truth. It has to do with liberty. Justice. Freedom. And what is honoring to God.

Today’s political climate is a challenge to my faith.

I do not believe our freedom to exercise our beliefs regarding what God calls sin are going to last much longer. I believe loss of liberty is coming. I believe persecution is coming (it is already commonplace in much of the world – America is NOT immune).

Please pray that I can keep my politics in check and continue expressing my concerns regarding faith in Christ and how Washington is in opposition to that faith.

#NoCamo is by no means becoming a political blog. This may be the last I say about the subject for months. Or, not.