Gone Home

This morning on the way to the gym, I passed a video board. I pass it every morning. It usually has ads for attorneys, car lots, and grocery stores.

But this morning, it had a different ad.

It had a picture of Billy Graham. And the caption, “Gone Home.” Continue reading “Gone Home”

I Will Never Hear Adele’s New Album

 When I heard that Adele’s new album would not be released to streaming sites like Spotify, I had one thought…

Well, I guess I’ll never hear Adele’s new album.

I am an all-in Spotify user. I figure, for the cost of one album on iTunes per month, I can listen to almost anything I want on any device I want. I don’t listen to pop radio, so if it isn’t on Spotify, I won’t likely hear it.

I understand why artists like Adele and Taylor Swift would opt to keep their music off streaming services – they feel that they are not adequately compensated by these services, and I can’t necessarily argue against that view. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that I (nor folks like me) won’t hear their music until (or if) they change their minds.

Congress: Change is Not a Done Deal

Yesterday, the United States experienced a change in leadership, as a number of seats in the Senate and House of Representatives were gained by the Republican party, giving them control of the Congress. The election is seen by many as a mandate for the country to change directions, countering the leadership of Obama.

So, will the country change directions?

Maybe. But it’s not a done deal.

I think that this country has made huge mistakes in the past couple of Presidential elections, to be sure. But electing a conservative President in 2016 will not necessarily fix it all. I’m dubious that any one person in power is the answer to a country’s woes.

Same holds true for Congress. It is entirely possible that the shift in power will lead to a 180-degree turn for the US. And yet, as I said, it’s not a done deal.

Ultimately, through the President, the current Congress, the courts, and the media, this nation continues to reject God at every turn. Only one of those variables changed last night. And who knows what course the new Congress will take? Will it roll back abortion? Embrace true marriage? Recognize and support Israel? Protect speech and religion? Steward our resources?

We’ll see. Don’t stop praying.

“My hope is built on nothing less…”

Hobby Lobby and the Road Ahead

I’ve been waiting for the day to come. To finally find out what the Supreme Court would say about the Hobby Lobby case and the right of people (because corporations are people) to reject government mandates that go against their religious beliefs.

And when the decision came down, I retweeted remarks from Russell Moore…

And I was quickly treated to a profane @ reply.

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My Advice to the Other “Cast Members” of Duck Dynasty

I haven’t written a post about the comments by and the suspension of Phil Robertson, the founder of Duck Commander and one of the stars of Duck Dynasty. But, if you want to read an excellent take, here is what Dr. Russell Moore wrote on the subject.

Instead, I have some advice for the other “cast members,” now that Phil has been suspended from the show.

Use his name whenever possible when cameras are rolling.

Have you seen Phil this morning? Phil? Where’s Phil?

Let’s go hunting. Phil, you wanna go? Phil?

That’s some good tea. You know who else likes tea? Phil. Phil?

I wouldn’t give A&E 30 seconds of footage without his name mentioned, if I were on the show. So if you are on the show, and you Googled random unknown religious blogs for advice… you’re welcome.

Subtle Change to How I Deal with Politics

I have written on #NoCamo about how, when I am up in arms about a political issue, I tend to care too much and forget that God is in control. That hasn’t really changed. That is why I don’t comment on political issues on here, unless they affect my faith.

That is where my political shift exists. Continue reading “Subtle Change to How I Deal with Politics”

I Didn’t Watch the #SOTU

That’s right. I didn’t watch the State of Union last night.

Does that make me a bad American? Not really. Does that make me a good Christian? Not really.

I just know how I react to things like that. And, quite frankly, I don’t need that kind of stress in my life.

I am sure I’ll hear all about it today in the news and on social media. So, I won’t really miss anything. And watching Hulu Plus was a lot more fun.

Did you watch? Did you keep your testimony, Christians?

Some Thoughts on the 2012 US Presidential Election

I have decided

I’m gonna live like a believer

Turn my back on the deceiver

   Gonna live what I believe

After last’s night’s election, the above lines ring true. Now, more than ever, we as believers need to hold on to our belief in the King of Kings, and understand that He alone knows His purposes and plans. We can rest in the knowledge that last night’s election was no surprise to God. Continue reading “Some Thoughts on the 2012 US Presidential Election”