Another Blog Post via the Inspiration of Others

Once again, I’m taking a cue from über-blogger John Saddington, the Tentblogger. He posed the following question on his blog the other day…

What types of content (if any) do you feel unable to write about via your blog?

My answer? Politics.

Here are my reasons…

1. I REALLY care about political issues. And I shouldn’t. Well, not to the extent that I do. Anyone who understands that we are to be in the world and not of the world doesn’t need to get worked up about such things.

2. I REALLY believe God is in control. I often say that there is no election for the Throne of the Universe. It’s Occupant isn’t stepping down.

3. Politics is divisive and polarizing. Opinions about all things Republican and Democrat tend to segregate folks. When our message as Christians is all-inclusive, indulging in an exploration of our petty differences seems wrong.

Does this mean I won’t write about political ISSUES? No. But it does mean that, when I do, I will be writing about the spiritual and Kingdom ramifications of such issues (like I did here), and not which party is wrong.

I’ll have an opinion about who is wrong, but I won’t write about it.

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