Gone Home

This morning on the way to the gym, I passed a video board. I pass it every morning. It usually has ads for attorneys, car lots, and grocery stores. But this morning, it had a different ad. It had a picture of Billy Graham. And the caption, “Gone Home.”

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Rest In Peace?

Someday you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead. Don’t you believe a word of it. I shall be more alive than I am now. I will just have changed my address. I will have gone into the presence of God. I have seen this quote many times today. The day when Billy […]

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I Felt Fake

It seems like a little thing, I guess. Like many folks in the workforce, I have a LinkedIn profile. I don’t post much on there, but I enjoy the networking opportunities and professional insights it provides. Still, I felt fake.

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Congress: Change is Not a Done Deal

Yesterday, the United States experienced a change in leadership, as a number of seats in the Senate and House of Representatives were gained by the Republican party, giving them control of the Congress. The election is seen by many as a mandate for the country to change directions, countering the leadership of Obama. So, will […]

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Hobby Lobby and the Road Ahead

I’ve been waiting for the day to come. To finally find out what the Supreme Court would say about the Hobby Lobby case and the right of people (because corporations are people) to reject government mandates that go against their religious beliefs. And when the decision came down, I retweeted remarks from Russell Moore… #HobbyLobby […]

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Don’t Bring Jesus Into This

Tony has finished his basketball season. I’m really proud of his hard work. He has shown a great deal of improvement – the whole team has. It has been a great season. On the day I began drafting this post, he was in the tournament. For their first game, they played a team that they […]

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Feeling Stuck

I have a tendency to look ahead. To wonder, “what is next?” In some ways, I am visionary (not A visionary – adjective, not noun). Forward-thinking. More often than not, though, I tend toward feeling stuck. Feeling like I have no momentum and am, well, “stuck” is the best word for it. Is it impatience? […]

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God Gives Us Brains

As I wrote a while back, God’s perfect will is a lofty goal. To do the will of God as we follow Christ is to be a priority in a Christian’s life. On another completely related topic… God gave us brains.

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