My Advice to the Other “Cast Members” of Duck Dynasty

I haven’t written a post about the comments by and the suspension of Phil Robertson, the founder of Duck Commander and one of the stars of Duck Dynasty. But, if you want to read an excellent take, here is what Dr. Russell Moore wrote on the subject.

Instead, I have some advice for the other “cast members,” now that Phil has been suspended from the show.

Use his name whenever possible when cameras are rolling.

Have you seen Phil this morning? Phil? Where’s Phil?

Let’s go hunting. Phil, you wanna go? Phil?

That’s some good tea. You know who else likes tea? Phil. Phil?

I wouldn’t give A&E 30 seconds of footage without his name mentioned, if I were on the show. So if you are on the show, and you Googled random unknown religious blogs for advice… you’re welcome.

Subtle Change to How I Deal with Politics

I have written on #NoCamo about how, when I am up in arms about a political issue, I tend to care too much and forget that God is in control. That hasn’t really changed. That is why I don’t comment on political issues on here, unless they affect my faith.

That is where my political shift exists. Continue reading “Subtle Change to How I Deal with Politics”

Thanksgiving Testimonies

I had my socks blessed off last night at church. Last night at LBT, we had our Thanksgiving testimony service. It was so uplifting to hear so many people expressing the goodness of our God.

I was particularly proud of my kids. I’m always proud of my kids, but just thinking about what they said in front of the church last night makes me tear up. They were both so grateful and gracious in what they said.

Let’s face it – these days are tough. And if we were to look at the world through worldly eyes, there really isn’t a lot for which to be thankful. That’s why it is so important not to look at the world through worldly eyes! As believers, we are to set our sights on things of God – otherwise, we can get bogged down in the garbage this world celebrates.

Go Hard or Go Home

As I’m dictating this (last week), I have just dropped my kids off at school. As I’ve written about before, I let the kids select the music for our drive to school. This morning, Tony wasn’t too particular, so we just picked random songs from the playlist I use when I go running. During his turn, he just decided to let the next song on that playlist play. It happened to be Go Hard by Lecrae and Tedashii (by the way… VERY impressed that Siri could spell that name).

I have that song on that playlist as a motivating song, but I was motivated in a different way that morning.

I’m such a wimp! Continue reading “Go Hard or Go Home”

Surrounded by Drywall


I like to listen to podcasts of sermons during my morning run.  It is the only time where I can listen with enough focus, and also when I desperately want to tune out the sound of me breathing.

Yesterday morning,  I listened to Francis Chan preaching from Revelation. Francis is one of my favorite preachers,  but opportunities to hear him are rare since he left Cornerstone, the church he planted in Simi Valley, California. But Cornerstone recently put his Revelation series in their podcast archive.

He preached on what Heaven is like.

As believers,  I don’t think we ponder Heaven enough.  It is a very real place,  and is important to talk about.
At about the 27 minute mark,  he talked about going outside, and said something very thoughtful about it…

Satan wants us surrounded by drywall.

He said that, as we spend time indoors,  we constantly see man-made things,  and admire what man can do. People see a video game and marvel at how real it looks. They vacation in Vegas and marvel at the hotels that put images of the sky on their ceilings, when they could just as easily go outside and look at the actual sky.

Admittedly, I’m just as guilty as most.  But I do enjoy running outside, so much so that I don’t think I could go back to running on a track or treadmill. In addition to the exercise, it gives me the opportunity to breathe unfiltered air and see with non-fluorescent light.

When I was a kid, our house had a retaining wall in the front yard, about three feet high. It was my favorite spot in the world. I would go out and lay on that wall for hours, looking up at the stars. I would pray. Think kid thoughts.  And WONDER.

I think we are losing that. So much has been discovered. There is so much that is known. We forget just how big God is, and how amazing He is.

Here’s a link to Francis’ message.

Jeff Gordon, Francis Chan, and Letting God Have Control

The other day, while watching Kentucky Derby coverage, I saw the short form of the following commercial (caution: bleeped language)…

As I was laughing, I was told that there was a long form version and I immediately went to take a look. I wonder how I would react under those circumstances?

Wait. I know how I would react. I react every day in a similar way. To life. Continue reading “Jeff Gordon, Francis Chan, and Letting God Have Control”

Cheers and/or Jeers – Were the “Hosanna” and the “Crucify” Crowds the Same?

An often used phrase this time of year goes something like this…

The same people who proclaimed “Hosanna” on Palm Sunday would later cry “Crucify Him” at Christ’s crucifixion.

I love the variety of information that I glean from the various RSS feeds to which I am subscribed. On Monday, I read two very different takes on the crowds which cheered Jesus and the crowds which jeered Jesus and called for His execution. I would encourage you to read both posts, as they approach the issue from two very different angles.

I have heard and used the above phrase for as long as I can remember. Honestly, I never really thought about its validity. In these days before Easter, I intend to study this topic, and will post my thoughts later this week.

As you read and study, feel free to try to persuade my upcoming post! What’s your take? Same or different crowd? Why?

Today Was a Great Palm Sunday!

What a great day at church! Our children’s ministry did a wonderful job on their Easter musical. Lyd had a solo on You Are My King, and Tony held the cross as two other boys knelt (I had seen it multiple times before and it still gripped me).

Also, today was Lyd’s first communion as a believer in Christ, and it was my first day back behind the keyboard at LBT. And full altars are always a good thing.

How was your Palm Sunday?

Bedtime Conversation with Lyddie

Lyddie: “Is God tall?”

Me: “I don’t know about tall. He’s big.”

Lyddie: “God, thank You for being big… Who made God?”

Me: “No one. He’s always been.”

Lyddie: “Cool.”


Dropping Our Faith In Christ

I read that line in my Morning and Evening devotional on Logos the other day. What a great truth! So simple yet so profound.

We don’t really “lose” our faith, do we? We drop it. Leave it behind. Fail. Reject. Stray. But Christ never leaves us. Never forsakes us. Because He understands that we will lose faith. Lose heart. Wain. Wander. He just wants us to pick our faith back up, and, in so doing, pick ourselves back up.

And, through it all, He fervently loves us.