Hobby Lobby and the Road Ahead

I’ve been waiting for the day to come. To finally find out what the Supreme Court would say about the Hobby Lobby case and the right of people (because corporations are people) to reject government mandates that go against their religious beliefs.

And when the decision came down, I retweeted remarks from Russell Moore…

And I was quickly treated to a profane @ reply.

I don’t get many of those, thankfully. And I didn’t get mad. But it did make me think.

Nothing in the ruling keeps women that work for Hobby Lobby from doing ANYTHING. The ruling doesn’t take their rights away – it merely reaffirms the rights of the owners of the company and those like them that have similar objections to the 0bamacare mandate.

But that isn’t good enough.

The fact that it took a Supreme Court case to settle this matter (for now) is not an encouraging thought. There will be many more issues like this in the near future. Many more attacks on the liberties of followers of Christ. Many more slanderous, vicious attacks on those who don’t buy into this carnal world, but instead look to the Source and Perfecter of our faith for guidance. We will be castigated and rejected for believing what God says rather than what man says, and we will become truly counter-cultural. 

If we stay strong.