Four Reasons I’m Dropping Facebook

A couple of years ago, Jamy dropped her Facebook account. Calling it "Drama-book," she was tired of all the sniping, flaming, and other ugliness. It made total sense to me. It took me a little longer, but I decided a couple of months ago to drop mine as well. But I never pulled the trigger … Continue reading Four Reasons I’m Dropping Facebook

Mining for Tweets – How I Provide Spectacular Social Media Stuff

Gotta love a snappy title. Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Sharemess, Garbage-go, Picsofmyfood-ster... (OK, I might have made a couple of those up) ...much of what we do online today is sharing with others. Tips, news, recommendations, opinions... so many ways to contribute to the virtual conversation. I do what I can to share info … Continue reading Mining for Tweets – How I Provide Spectacular Social Media Stuff

Where Is the Line Online – Revisited

I once posted one of the prettiest pictures it has been my good fortune to take. I don't claim to be a photographer, but I know what I like. It was a picture of my daughter, Lydia, at the beach... I intentionally didn't show her face, because I felt that I needed a line of … Continue reading Where Is the Line Online – Revisited


My kids pick the tune-age in the car on the way to school. (I use the word tune-age to show just how old and un-cool I am.) We have a rotation system. I go first on Monday, because (usually) I am the most awake on Monday mornings. Then, my two kids rotate going first, picking … Continue reading #SchoolTimeSoundtrack

A Random Analysis on the Future of #Twitter and What It Means to Me

I believe we are headed to an online world where everyone's personal domain and presence will become all the more important.

The Olympics and the Prime Time #NBCFail

I hope that, within four years, NBC can figure out a way to monetize the Olympic's streaming content, so that the #NBCFail does not repeat itself.

Derive your Worth from What (or WHO) Is Real

Lately, the "unfriending" craze has begun to build steam. Cleaning house. Swabbing the decks. I have even heard about people on Facebook deciding to unfriend everyone who didn't write on their wall as a way of ascertaining real "friends." Which begs the question... Are social media contacts necessarily "friends?" In some cases, absolutely. There are … Continue reading Derive your Worth from What (or WHO) Is Real

Blogging from the Breakroom

I'm learning that the various stages of blogging... ideas, mapping, drafting, editing, posting... can happen anywhere and anytime. It's why I love this medium so much. It's not that I have so much glorious information to share. It's the flow and the convo. I enjoy the fact that I can sit down to lunch and, … Continue reading Blogging from the Breakroom

Does Google+ Make Sense to the Average Blogger?

When Google+ first came on the scene, I fished for an invite. Finally, I scored one, and quickly started formulating my circles. Months later... I barely touch it. I do not have social media experts at my disposal. Or marketing people. Or assistants. When it comes to NoCamo, it's just me. Intentionally limiting my exposure … Continue reading Does Google+ Make Sense to the Average Blogger?

Why Being Easy to Find Online Is So Important

The day I drafted this post, I was driving to my new favorite work spot outside the house. I was listening to talk radio in my car, and a guy called in. He was running for school board representative. The talk host asked him where people could find out about his campaign. He told them … Continue reading Why Being Easy to Find Online Is So Important