Where NoCamo Is Seen

As I’ve mentioned before, this blog came about as kind of a fluke. But the above graphic is amazing to me. That map indicates from where NoCamo has been viewed since the end of February. That blesses my heart. I love the fact that I get to proclaim the name of Jesus in this space […]

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New NoCamo Facebook page

As I wrote about a while back, I have scaled back my use of my personal Facebook profile to family and friends only. I intend to continue to do so. In other news, I created another Facebook page. Huh??? Yep. I decided to create a public page to represent the NoCamo community. Wanna keep up […]

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Not Again!

If you are anything like me, you don’t like reading what I’m writing about in this post. I know. I know. Not the best way to start a blog post. But I don’t really like reading posts from once-active bloggers who have been sporadic in their output as they try to work out “why” in […]

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#1 Post of 2011… To Unfollow or Not to Unfollow – My Twitter Strategy

Slow down, Bandwagon. Time for me to jump on. I’ve seen a few posts lately (namely from Carlos Whitaker, Michael Hyatt, and a few others) about Twitter strategy – follow back, don’t follow back, un-follow everyone, cancel your account altogether. Although I am hardly the most followed, most guru-iest tweeter around, I have picked up […]

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Meet Ned

Ned made his debut at our church during an offering announcement video a few weeks ago regarding our upcoming Fall Festival. Here, he makes his return to the screen (or screens across the Internet, as it were) in the “viral” version of the ad. If you look closely, you can also see the debut of […]

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