Where Is the Line Online – Revisited

I once posted one of the prettiest pictures it has been my good fortune to take. I don’t claim to be a photographer, but I know what I like. It was a picture of my daughter, Lydia, at the beach…

I intentionally didn’t show her face, because I felt that I needed a line of separation. My blog should be a place where I express my views and to offer encouragement and information. At the time, I felt it necessary to leave pictures of my kids off.

As they grow older, however, I feel that the “creeper angle” I wrote about then is less of an issue. 

I read a post by John Saddington a while back that mentioned the need for humans to share their experiences. With more and more of our lives existing digitally to some extent, a presence “out there” seems increasingly natural.

Will every post feature pix of my kids? Hardly. But if circumstances warrant, I won’t avoid it like I used to.

If you blog, do you ever worry about such things? Are these thoughts over-protective, or just protective enough?