I Told Her So

I have been trying to get my daughter, Lyddie, to watch Disney’s Robin Hood with me on Netflix for a while. She is more of a Food Network (Cutthroat Kitchen, Chopped) or Disney Channel (Kickin’ It, Girl Meets World) kind of girl.Today, I finally convinced her. She didn’t think she would like it. 

She cackled a lot. She was sad when everyone was in jail. She asked a lot of questions, some of which I could answer. In short, she liked it after all.

I was very glad that a movie like that could translate today.

I had a similar feeling when we went to see the new Peanuts movie a few weeks ago. That was one of the most satisfying movie experiences we’ve had in a long time. It was clean, touching, hilarious… just a GOOD movie. 

Next one I’m gonna try to get her to see? Dumbo. May be a harder sell. 

Husband #Fail

husband failStory time, y’all.

I married Jamy in my late 20s. And, considering how many married friends I have and how many weddings I’ve played as a pianist, I did so surprisingly naive regarding wedded conventions.

For instance… the ring. Continue reading “Husband #Fail”

Thanksgiving Testimonies

I had my socks blessed off last night at church. Last night at LBT, we had our Thanksgiving testimony service. It was so uplifting to hear so many people expressing the goodness of our God.

I was particularly proud of my kids. I’m always proud of my kids, but just thinking about what they said in front of the church last night makes me tear up. They were both so grateful and gracious in what they said.

Let’s face it – these days are tough. And if we were to look at the world through worldly eyes, there really isn’t a lot for which to be thankful. That’s why it is so important not to look at the world through worldly eyes! As believers, we are to set our sights on things of God – otherwise, we can get bogged down in the garbage this world celebrates.

Back to School Thoughts

Girl drawing back to schoolI am writing this the day that my kids start back to school.

There are a lot of emotions coupled with that event every year. I am amazed how quickly they have grown! They have sprouted over the summer. And as they grow and mature, I cherish our conversations. I’ve known for a while that I would be more acclimated to parenting them as they get older than when they were little – I’m a talker, so talking is how I tend to relate to people, including my kids.

I’m also learning that I’m not one that necessarily longs for or misses the days of their youth. I am enjoying their pre-teen/grade school selves on a deeper level than their early years. Sure, I remember the rocking and cribs and bottles and diapers, and remember them fondly. But I don’t regret their maturing, and pray that our relationship stays the course as Dad gets less and less cool, or whatever word the kids are using in the years to come.

My kids rock!


A Case FOR the Mondays

My daughter yawned sleepily as she started her day. As she began to gain consciousness, a big smile exploded on her face.

“I love Mondays!” she exclaimed.

“Why do you love Mondays?” I asked with genuine curiosity. Continue reading “A Case FOR the Mondays”

Today Was a Great Palm Sunday!

What a great day at church! Our children’s ministry did a wonderful job on their Easter musical. Lyd had a solo on You Are My King, and Tony held the cross as two other boys knelt (I had seen it multiple times before and it still gripped me).

Also, today was Lyd’s first communion as a believer in Christ, and it was my first day back behind the keyboard at LBT. And full altars are always a good thing.

How was your Palm Sunday?

Bedtime Conversation with Lyddie

Lyddie: “Is God tall?”

Me: “I don’t know about tall. He’s big.”

Lyddie: “God, thank You for being big… Who made God?”

Me: “No one. He’s always been.”

Lyddie: “Cool.”