Very, Very Blessed Indeed

I am sitting on the couch at my father’s house. Wife with her head resting on my shoulder. Children nearby. Lord of the Rings on the flat screen. I’m typing a blog post with one hand on my dying iPhone, barely realizing how blessed by God I truly am.

Merry Christmas!!

Lessons of Faith and Thanksgiving from a Stolen Car

There are some lessons that you hope you never have to learn. You know what I’m talking about. Those things that happen to “other people” that you are glad haven’t happened to you. We may try to deny them, but we all have ’em.

One of mine happened a couple of Sundays ago.

My family and I were getting ready for church. As we were about to leave, I went to start the car. I didn’t see my keys in the bowl next to the door, so I began to wonder what I did with them.

I worked the evening prior, so I wondered if I left my keys in my car. As I went outside to check my car, something was amiss.

There was a big empty space where another car used to be. Continue reading “Lessons of Faith and Thanksgiving from a Stolen Car”

Where Is the Line Online – Revisited

I once posted one of the prettiest pictures it has been my good fortune to take. I don’t claim to be a photographer, but I know what I like. It was a picture of my daughter, Lydia, at the beach…

I intentionally didn’t show her face, because I felt that I needed a line of separation. My blog should be a place where I express my views and to offer encouragement and information. At the time, I felt it necessary to leave pictures of my kids off.

As they grow older, however, I feel that the “creeper angle” I wrote about then is less of an issue.  Continue reading “Where Is the Line Online – Revisited”