A Case FOR the Mondays

My daughter yawned sleepily as she started her day. As she began to gain consciousness, a big smile exploded on her face.

“I love Mondays!” she exclaimed.

“Why do you love Mondays?” I asked with genuine curiosity.

See, the other day I felt, well, off. All day. Just couldn’t get a rhythm going. Everything threw me for a loop, all day long.

She went on to explain that Monday is when her teacher assigns the special jobs for the week. There’s the Messenger, that puts the sign on the classroom door that lets people know where the class is when not in the room. There’s the Teacher Helper. And, of course, the classic Line Leader.

Bottom line? New beginnings are exciting. A fresh start. A new sense of purpose and direction. A new set of goals and anticipations. As we get older, we get jaded to new things, probably because we have experience that trumps the newness.

I needed reminding that every new day is a gift. A chance at being Line Leader.