Husband #Fail

husband failStory time, y’all.

I married Jamy in my late 20s. And, considering how many married friends I have and how many weddings I’ve played as a pianist, I did so surprisingly naive regarding wedded conventions.

For instance… the ring. Continue reading “Husband #Fail”

Amazon Drones – My Thoughts

As you are no doubt aware, Amazon is currently conducting R&D on automated drones that will deliver your order under five pounds within 30 minutes.

Personally, I am all for it. But I do have a number of questions… Continue reading “Amazon Drones – My Thoughts”

Kindness in a Bag of Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

chocolate covered pretzelsI love Aldi. I am a fan. I keep empty grocery bags and exactly one quarter in my car at all times. If you don’t know why, you’ve never been to Aldi. Continue reading “Kindness in a Bag of Chocolate-Covered Pretzels”

He Didn’t Die

gravestonesA few months ago, it was announced at the company where I work that one of our vice presidents was leaving, effective immediately. As I was talking with a coworker, the subject came up. I remarked that I was sorry to see him go, and that I really liked him.

Past tense. Continue reading “He Didn’t Die”

A Case FOR the Mondays

My daughter yawned sleepily as she started her day. As she began to gain consciousness, a big smile exploded on her face.

“I love Mondays!” she exclaimed.

“Why do you love Mondays?” I asked with genuine curiosity. Continue reading “A Case FOR the Mondays”

Just Dance, Fundy Edition

What’s In a Name?

There is a guy where I work named Raymond. If there are any of my co-workers reading this, you already know about whom I am writing.

Raymond cleans up our office. He’s there every single day, and does a great job. I only know him casually, but there is something about him that makes him stand out.

He knows names. Continue reading “What’s In a Name?”

Follow the Balloons

balloonsSince we are now on the outskirts of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I thought I would tell the tale of the one and only time I have taken part in one of these sales as a consumer instead of an employee. Continue reading “Follow the Balloons”