Husband #Fail

husband failStory time, y’all.

I married Jamy in my late 20s. And, considering how many married friends I have and how many weddings I’ve played as a pianist, I did so surprisingly naive regarding wedded conventions.

For instance… the ring.

I had always seen guys in movies take ’em off when they washed their hands and such. Didn’t seem like a big deal. I thought I could do the same, without fear of repercussion.

The key in those movies, as I found out, is that they always put the ring back ON.

We were visiting my dad and step-mom soon after we were married. At the time, my dad’s house was set up so that the downstairs was almost a complete set of living quarters, which made staying with them nice.

Anyway, I was washing up in the restroom, and I took my wedding ring off and laid it on the shelf under the mirror. I didn’t mean to forget to put it back on. It just sorta happened.

I went upstairs, none the wiser.

After a (short) while, I realized I wasn’t wearing the thing and went to retrieve it from it’s resting place.

‘Twasn’t there.

<insert panic>

“Did it fall down the drain? Did it.. did it…?” To be honest, that was the only thing I could think of. It just wasn’t there.

When I told my sweetie, she played dumb. After a few moments of torture, she fessed up to the fact that she hid my ring.

<insert Lord of the Rings reference>

What did I learn? Two main things…

1. Don’t take your wedding ring off. EVER. Or at least until you gain the sense to put it back on immediately.

2. Jamy is good at hiding things. And at playing dumb.

Ever happen to you?