Jeff Gordon, Francis Chan, and Letting God Have Control

The other day, while watching Kentucky Derby coverage, I saw the short form of the following commercial (caution: bleeped language)…

As I was laughing, I was told that there was a long form version and I immediately went to take a look. I wonder how I would react under those circumstances?

Wait. I know how I would react. I react every day in a similar way. To life.

The old Jesus Juke to the “God is my Co-Pilot” bumper stickers was as follows:

If God is your co-pilot, you need to change seats.

As hilarious as that is, don’t we all forget from time to time who is actually in control? Of EVERYTHING?

Francis Chan preached at Saddleback a couple of weekends ago in Rick Warren’s absence following the death of his Rick’s son. The message did a number on me. It was taken from Philippians 4, and dealt with joy, grace, and faith. In it, he described a situation between a boss and an employee. He posited the following. Suppose you are a boss and you give a task to a subordinate. Do you fret and worry whether or not the employee will do it? If you do, how much longer does that person remain in your employ? Don’t we often do that to God? We pray to Him, but we don’t really believe that He will follow through.

Not only will He follow through, but He will always succeed where we will often fail. We may go for a ride, but God really does have control.

And He doesn’t wreck.