Five Ideas a Day

Last week, I read my favorite weekly online article, How I Work. It appears every Wednesday on Lifehacker. I am truly fascinated by the tools and methods successful people use to do what they do.

The article featured James Altucher, author and investor. Among the tech tools and tips he mentions, one idea really stood out…

He strives to come up with 10 (writing) ideas a day.

If you are a #NoCamo reader, you have likely noticed that I haven’t posted much lately. There are many reasons for this. The primary reason is vocational – I’ve been given the opportunity to take on more responsibilities at work, so I don’t choose to take time to blog like I used to. I’m feeling the itch again, but time will tell if i will maintain the posting frequency of the past.

I am still a devoted Moleskine user, so I intend to start smaller than Mr. Altucher and number 1 through 5 on a new page every day,with the intention of filling those five slots with writing ideas.

Here goes nothing.