Should I Have Let Them Tase Me?

electricityI need your opinion on something.

This afternoon, my employer provided a training with one of our vendors. This particular company manufactures a fabric that, when properly utilized, can protect someone from a Taser.

With a free T-shirt as a reward, we were given the opportunity to put on one of their gloves and to have an active Taser planted into our palm.

Now, as someone who types on a computer keyboard all day for his job and plays piano and guitar every chance he gets, I was reluctant to get my palm electrocuted. No, not reluctant. Adamant. I was adamant I was not going to get my palm electrocuted.

Still, others in the class did. None was hurt, but the smell of burnt leather was off-putting.

I’ve always been a careful person, and today was no exception. But how many people can say they’ve been Tased? Knowing my luck, I would get the one pair of gloves that had a little, tiny tear. Zap. Permanent fist.

So should I have done it?

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