Sunday Charging

Just curious... How many things do you charge Saturday night before church on Sunday? Me? At least 4... iPhone 5S Nexus 7 MacBook Air (usually) iPod Nano (used for pre-service music at church) Your turn.

Should I Have Let Them Tase Me?

I need your opinion on something. This afternoon, my employer provided a training with one of our vendors. This particular company manufactures a fabric that, when properly utilized, can protect someone from a Taser. With a free T-shirt as a reward, we were given the opportunity to put on one of their gloves and to … Continue reading Should I Have Let Them Tase Me?

Cheers and/or Jeers – Were the “Hosanna” and the “Crucify” Crowds the Same?

An often used phrase this time of year goes something like this... The same people who proclaimed "Hosanna" on Palm Sunday would later cry "Crucify Him" at Christ's crucifixion. I love the variety of information that I glean from the various RSS feeds to which I am subscribed. On Monday, I read two very different … Continue reading Cheers and/or Jeers – Were the “Hosanna” and the “Crucify” Crowds the Same?

Praying for Others

Do you pray enough? I'm sure that I don't.

Satan’s Advice – Part 1

I was FLOORED by this tweet yesterday...!/milesmcpherson/status/118837790699036672 I got to see Miles MacPherson preach at the NWLC conference a couple of months ago. I had never heard of him, so I started to follow him on Twitter. I have been a Christian for 30 years, and have NEVER heard of temptation described this way. … Continue reading Satan’s Advice – Part 1

On the Road

Took my gig on the road today. With all the busyness going on in ministry right now, I need to get some planning and organization done. So, I stepped out to my neighborhood Bread Co. and knocked out a lot of work. I am so blessed to be able to do this - it lets … Continue reading On the Road

Where Do You Go for News?

In this current age of uncertainty, it is imperative that we as Christians are informed about the day's events. But unlike the world, we need to be on top of things, not to obsess about the direction of the world's economy or about our fate as a nation, but in order to be able to … Continue reading Where Do You Go for News?