Cheers and/or Jeers – Were the “Hosanna” and the “Crucify” Crowds the Same?

An often used phrase this time of year goes something like this…

The same people who proclaimed “Hosanna” on Palm Sunday would later cry “Crucify Him” at Christ’s crucifixion.

I love the variety of information that I glean from the various RSS feeds to which I am subscribed. On Monday, I read two very different takes on the crowds which cheered Jesus and the crowds which jeered Jesus and called for His execution. I would encourage you to read both posts, as they approach the issue from two very different angles.

I have heard and used the above phrase for as long as I can remember. Honestly, I never really thought about its validity. In these days before Easter, I intend to study this topic, and will post my thoughts later this week.

As you read and study, feel free to try to persuade my upcoming post! What’s your take? Same or different crowd? Why?