Why Eliminating the Headphone Jack is the Wrong Call

The rumor mill has already begun speculating what new features and form factors will be in the iPhone 7 when it is released next year. As an Apple fan, I follow them with some interest, but I don’t assume that these guesses are correct until I see some hard evidence.

There is one rumor, however, that I hope is incorrect.

It is the removal of the headphone jack. Continue reading “Why Eliminating the Headphone Jack is the Wrong Call”

The Dangers of Going Through Records – Grace in Remembering

filesYou ever go through paperwork or files and get reminded of something awful? Happened to me the other day.

As I get older, I am feeling the need to simplify. Get rid of clutter. Part of that is manifesting in a renewed desire to go paperless. I’ve been an Evernote user for a while, and, while the service has its quirks, I like how simple it is to save things and forget them.

Until my organizing turns to Evernote itself, and I see files that I’ve kept, and get reminded of painful things. Continue reading “The Dangers of Going Through Records – Grace in Remembering”

Five Ideas a Day

Last week, I read my favorite weekly online article, How I Work. It appears every Wednesday on Lifehacker. I am truly fascinated by the tools and methods successful people use to do what they do.

The article featured James Altucher, author and investor. Among the tech tools and tips he mentions, one idea really stood out…

He strives to come up with 10 (writing) ideas a day. Continue reading “Five Ideas a Day”

New Old Chevys and Banged Up Guitars

My family and I were driving the other day, and we saw a really cool ’57 Chevy.

Now, I am by no means a car guy. As a kid, I liked cars. I drew cars. I collected Matchbox cars. But today… not so much. Nevertheless, this car was cool.

I noticed that this particular car had the classic silhouette of the ’57, but was painted and appointed in modern ways. And, instead of the classic car license plate that only allows a car owner to drive a limited number of miles per year (for show cars and such), this car was licensed to drive. And the couple inside looked like they were enjoying the ride.

Use your tools

In Seven Tools I Use to Blog In Bursts, I outlined some of the tools I use to maintain #NoCamo. It occurs to me that the only useful tool is the one that is USED.

Another example of this would be my guitars.

I know that there are guitar owners out there that buy vintage guitars, hang them on the wall, and only take them down to clean them. This is agin my upbringin’. I bang the fire out of my instruments.

They have nicks and scratches and dings and battle scars. They get used.

Having a ton of apps on your phone is cool if you use them. It isn’t cool if they live in a folder, never opened.

Clear it out

I find myself in a season where I am looking to simplify my existence, paring down the number of tools I possess to the few that I actually use. Cleaning out my computers, my phone, my closet… whatever might hold tools that are just of no use anymore. As a tried and convicted pack rat, this will be no small feat. But I am motivated.

Anybody else feel overwhelmed with useless tools?

Seven Tools I Use to Blog in Bursts

I tweeted an article a while back that wrote about Seth Godin concerning blogging. Seth Godin is a marketing guru, author, entrepreneur, and blogger.

The article talked about the fact that Seth writes every day. Whether it is drafting, tweaking, posting, or reviewing potential posts, he does SOMETHING every day.

If you’re like me, time is at a premium. It is sometimes difficult to write post after post and still be a present, in-the-moment husband, father, and employee.

With my current schedule, I find it easier to write in bursts of creativity as often as possible, and then to set my blog to post things automatically. Here are some of the tools I use to keep #NoCamo rolling along… Continue reading “Seven Tools I Use to Blog in Bursts”

How Do You Commute?

In my new job, I have a 30-minute commute. Not terribly difficult, but a little longer than I’m used to.

I could shoot down the road with my radio blaring, but I choose as best I can to redeem my time. Here’s how I start my mornings…

  1. Get informed. I do put on my radio when I first get in the car, but that is mainly to get the latest traffic and weather. This helps me know if the are accidents or construction on my route, in case I need to make alternate plans.
  2. Down with the windows. This is more of a warm weather, no rain thing. My office is indoors without a lot of natural light or circulation. So, I take advantage of 35 mile-per-hour speeds to get a bunch of fresh air first thing in the morning. If it’s chilly, I’ll even run the heater.
  3. Podcasts. As I have mentioned before, I am an avid podcast consumer. I use my time in the car to listen to some of my favorite pastors and communicators. It’s a great way to begin the day on an uplifting note.
  4. Sometimes, silence. There are times when I’m not in the mood for a podcast or music. On those days, I shut off the noise and talk to God. I ask His blessings on the day ahead and for the Holy Spirit’s help as I try to be salt and light in the world.

What is your commute like?