Why Is #NoCamo Here?

As I continue on my blogging journey, I periodically choose to evaluate my reasons for keeping NoCamo as a part of my ministry (more on that later). It continues to be a joy to write my thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, and to share them with all of you.

So why, at this point in time, is NoCamo here?

  1. Accountability. I like the fact that this blog is a place to document where I am going in my walk with Christ, and to be able to access and assess where I have been.
  2. Journal. Sometimes I write posts because they fall in line with the NoCamo mission… Living the Christian life in the open. But sometimes I simply write things as a milestone. What happened at a particular time in my life… who else was there… why was it important… for future perusal.
  3. Celebration. God is awesome! Jesus saved me! He blesses me every day! Virtual hootin’ and hollerin’ go on around here quite often.
  4. Transparency. NoCamo to the core. I am a born-again, blood-bought child of the Almighty, and am not ashamed of that fact.
  5. Community. I don’t always write things with which people agree, as is exemplified by this post. But I still love the discourse, and would love to see that aspect of NoCamo grow. (Faithful readers… tell your friends!)
  6. Ministry. I truly do see this website as a testimony, a witness… a ministry. I believe that God uses and will use what is written here for His glory, and I am thrilled to be a part of what He is doing through me. But this is an extension of the vocational ministry to which God has called me, which is why I manage this blog the way I do (not self-hosted, no ads or affiliate links, etc).

Do you blog? Why?