Back to School Thoughts

Girl drawing back to schoolI am writing this the day that my kids start back to school.

There are a lot of emotions coupled with that event every year. I am amazed how quickly they have grown! They have sprouted over the summer. And as they grow and mature, I cherish our conversations. I’ve known for a while that I would be more acclimated to parenting them as they get older than when they were little – I’m a talker, so talking is how I tend to relate to people, including my kids.

I’m also learning that I’m not one that necessarily longs for or misses the days of their youth. I am enjoying their pre-teen/grade school selves on a deeper level than their early years. Sure, I remember the rocking and cribs and bottles and diapers, and remember them fondly. But I don’t regret their maturing, and pray that our relationship stays the course as Dad gets less and less cool, or whatever word the kids are using in the years to come.

My kids rock!


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