Wear It On Your Sleeve: Why I Like Holy Clothes

I might be in the minority.

Well, maybe not the minority. But it kinda feels that way.

These days, there is a desire for residents of Church World to be viewed as having authenticity. Being genuine. Being real.

But not TOO real.

The topic at hand: Christian T-shirts.

I like wearing Christian t-shirts. I don’t however, have many of them. This is not because I am ag’in ’em. It’s because I’m picky. And my wife is picky. And she has to look at me. Well, she doesn’t have to…

Anyway, recently I heard someone who I consider a “cool, hip preacher” deride folks that wear Christian t-shirts. Granted, he had an experience with someone in a Christian shirt deriding him at a grocery store, but I digress.

Think about it. Fans of ball teams wear the gear of the team. Fans of bands do the same. Clubs. Universities. Brand names. All OK to freely promote.

What about Jesus? Why NOT Jesus?

I think wearing clothes that demonstrate our love for Christ are awesome! And there are some brands out there that are making some great clothes that proclaim His name. Sanctify and Agape Attire, to name two. Let’s represent our Lord with some great threads.

Now, I do hold to some staunch exceptions to this…

  1. Ties. When I wear a tie, I wear one the right way. I tie a perfect Windsor. The length is always just so. And I just can’t bring myself to wearing a tie with the Ten Commandments, or Golgotha, or the Veggie Tales on it. Just. Can’t.
  2. Veggie Tales. Yes, I mentioned them in #1. I’m saying it again. I’m a grown man. I’m not wearing Larry Boy.
  3. T-shirts with brand mis-directions. Yes, you t-shirt makers are very clever when you turn “Reese’s” into “Jesus” or “Sprite” into “Spirit” or “Subway” into “Hisway.” We get it.

I say, in a spirit of authenticity, genuineness, and real-, um, -ocity, we as believers band together and make Christian t-shirts mainstream and cool again. Let’s start with some standard issue “Sidehugs Are for Friends” shirts for everybody. And, why not? Let’s return to the days of “Abreadcrumb and Fish” and “Teenage Jesus-Worshipping Christians.” Let’s get corny for Christ! What say ye?

Just please, just don’t put a Jesus fish on your car. Gotta draw the line somewhere.

(Just kidding, folks.)