Wear It On Your Sleeve: Why I Like Holy Clothes

I might be in the minority.

Well, maybe not the minority. But it kinda feels that way.

These days, there is a desire for residents of Church World to be viewed as having authenticity. Being genuine. Being real.

But not TOO real.

The topic at hand: Christian T-shirts. Continue reading “Wear It On Your Sleeve: Why I Like Holy Clothes”

Check It Out – Charles and Andy Stanley’s Story on CNN.com

I saw this story referenced in a tweet by Ed Stetzer…


I read it immediately.

I am an admirer of both of these men and their respective ministries. Their differing perspectives and approaches to ministry speak to me on different levels. Hearing about their struggles only strengthened my respect for them and what they have done for the cause of Christ. Continue reading “Check It Out – Charles and Andy Stanley’s Story on CNN.com”

Flowers, Grocery Stores, and a Welcoming Entryway: How Guests Perceive a Church’s Freshness

This is one of those (few) times when I need to reference an article I’ve read in a #NoCamo post and I DIDN’T save it somewhere.

A few weeks ago, I read an article on the rise of floral departments in grocery stores. As the comedian Henry Cho so aptly put it, these floral departments are the haven of men in trouble with their wives and girlfriends. But I digress.

The article stated that these mini flower shops usually do not turn profits, nor is that their ultimate goal. As it turns out, the purpose of these departments is to get the grocery customers thinking about FRESH things. If customers are presented fresh things as they enter the store, they are more likely to believe that more fresh things are contained within the store, which, of course, is the belief that grocery operators want their clientele to have.

This got me thinking about the first impression guests get when they arrive at our churches before worship. Continue reading “Flowers, Grocery Stores, and a Welcoming Entryway: How Guests Perceive a Church’s Freshness”

Plugged Into the System – a Riff on Church Attendance

The Matrix movies, as a concept, were some of the most interesting interpretations of the future that I have seen. The idea that (spoiler alert) humans could be utilized as power supplies for a machine army was innovative to say the least.

When humans were “plugged in” to the system, their energy was used to drive the actions of the machines. The machines, however morbidly, sustained the lives of their human “coppertops.”

Is it possible he can pull a church-related illustration out of this? Oh, yes. Continue reading “Plugged Into the System – a Riff on Church Attendance”

Fake Bible? Or Merely Virtual?

It may seem to some readers that this is a crusade of mine. It isn’t. Just when I think I’m out

See, I’m a realist, especially concerning the prevalence of technology and it’s increasing role in the reality of every man and woman on this planet. Continue reading “Fake Bible? Or Merely Virtual?”

Economy of Words and a Sea of Stuff – Culture and Tech

In this age of mobile computing and smart phones, the ability to be concise with the written word is a valuable skill. As we navigate through a sea of seemingly endless data, it is important to get to the point.

I read a few months ago that communicating in a concise manner is becoming a necessary skill in the job market. In fact, the article made the assertion that as some technologies become commonplace, new skills emerge. Example: restricting one’s email subject to a few characters is advantageous, because a short subject will fit in the subject line of the iPhone’s Mail app. Continue reading “Economy of Words and a Sea of Stuff – Culture and Tech”

A Few Thoughts on CEOs

Christmas and Easter only.
Folks that only show up at church twice a year.
Some in Church World like to make fun of them.
Mock them.
I’ve done it.
When you work at the church, it’s not hard to get caught up in that.
Just one problem.
They showed up.
Does Jesus want them there?
Even if it’s only twice a year?
Should we love them less just because they fail in a discipline that we don’t?
Or should we take the opportunity as one or two out of fifty-two to show them who Jesus is?
What He did for us?
How He loves us?
How He wants a relationship with us?
And maybe…
just maybe…
they’ll make next week a priority…
not to be missed..,
because love was freely shown to them…
and they want more.

Fall Festival 2011 Recap

My body aches. My brain hurts. But I’m so thankful for what happened Saturday.

My church hosted its annual Fall Festival. We had an amazing turnout. I keep referencing the inch-tall stack of registration cards that were filled out by folks that DON’T attend our church. What a blessing!

A huge thank you to everyone that had a part in making our Fall Festival a success. As I said Sunday, we were given a great opportunity to show the overflow of Christ’s love for us, and God was honored by your efforts. And a special thank you goes out to Renee Walker, who was integral in every bit of the planning and execution of the Festival.

Thankful for God’s goodness!