Check It Out – Charles and Andy Stanley’s Story on

I saw this story referenced in a tweet by Ed Stetzer…

I read it immediately.

I am an admirer of both of these men and their respective ministries. Their differing perspectives and approaches to ministry speak to me on different levels. Hearing about their struggles only strengthened my respect for them and what they have done for the cause of Christ.

A few takeaways from the article…

  1. Pastors are VERY human. I say this because there are those that don’t appreciate that fact. When the phone rings at 4AM, they’d better answer. When they are called upon to give up time with their family for a church commitment, they are expected to do so. But they are flesh and blood, just like everyone else.
  2. No one is immune to struggle. Not even those to whom God has placed a weighty responsibility. In fact, those chosen to lead ministries like those the Stanleys lead are often hit harder by adversity.
  3. Healing is possible… when sought. Both of them could have checked out of the relationship and went their separate ways, but didn’t. And both are better for it.

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