Check It Out – Charles and Andy Stanley’s Story on

I saw this story referenced in a tweet by Ed Stetzer…

I read it immediately.

I am an admirer of both of these men and their respective ministries. Their differing perspectives and approaches to ministry speak to me on different levels. Hearing about their struggles only strengthened my respect for them and what they have done for the cause of Christ. Continue reading “Check It Out – Charles and Andy Stanley’s Story on”

Check It Out – Ethiopian kids hack OLPCs in 5 months with zero instruction via DVICE

I read this article and was fascinated.

My kids amaze me with how much they learn and how quickly. This story wells tells how One Laptop Per Child dropped a thousand tablet PCs in the middle of an Ethiopian village that had never seen English with no directions. The things these kids were able to figure out on their own is remarkable.

Check it out… Ethiopian kids hack OLPCs in 5 months with zero instruction

Check It Out – Three Worship Albums to Inspire

I read this blog post by Rob Rash this morning, and went to check out the music it references. I will be pouring through it over the next few days via Spotify (the entire Paul Baloche album is not on there yet, but I’ll be adding it to the playlist when it becomes available updated it and embedded it below), and I’d encourage you to do the same. What I’ve heard so far is truly inspiring.

Check it out… Three Worship Albums to Inspire |

Check It Out – HootSuite Hits 2 Million Users (via Mashable)

As churches find themselves (oftentimes) caching up to culture, those of us that seek to engage those without Jesus have to adapt and reach people where they are. That is one of the reasons I love social media. I am active on Twitter and Facebook, and I manage my church’s presence on each (wrote about our strategy here).

One of the tools I use to do this is Hootsuite. Continue reading “Check It Out – HootSuite Hits 2 Million Users (via Mashable)”

Check It Out – How To Fail As A Worship Leader In 10 Easy Steps (via ChurchMag)

This article is very well written, and highlights many of the potential pitfalls of music ministry.

I was especially impacted by number 10…

10. Be Unprepared

How many rehearsals have I attended with an unprepared worship leader? I’d rather not count. There’s nothing more frustrating than attending a rehearsal where the stage isn’t ready, the music not thought through, the leader clueless. Think through your rehearsal with focused organization. Be 100% prepared and ready. Your team will love you for it.

Check it out… How To Fail As A Worship Leader In 10 Easy Steps | ChurchMag.

Check It Out – Kid-ifying wild Bible stories. (via Stuff Christians Like)

As soon as I saw this in my Google Reader, I knew it would be good.

As a product of a Christian elementary school, I grew to like some of the more obscure stories from the Bible. My favorite story from the book of Judges is Ehud Vs. King Eglon. And here it is, in kid’s poem form!

Here are a couple of lines…

A tricky move, a left-hand stab
The sword sunk so deep it was beyond Ehud’s grab

The fat closed in around the handle
The king was caught off guard by that left-handed angle

Check it out… Kid-ifying wild Bible stories. | Stuff Christians Like – Jon Acuff.

Check It Out – Skiff Reader: The Ulimate E-Reader (via Church Mag)

Man, this is sweet!

When I saw this article, I thought that it was a fake. If you read technology blogs and sites, you know that they occasionally will fake you with a concept piece and make you believe that the tech you are seeing is current.

But this is apparently hitting stores this Fall.

Glad I didn’t already spring for a Kindle!

Check it out… Skiff Reader: The Ulimate E-Reader | Church Mag.

Check This Out – Is it OK to be a talented jerk? (via Jon Acuff’s Blog)

We all know one, right?

I love this line in the piece…

The importance of talent is grossly misunderstood and grossly overrated. We tend to put a premium on it because we think it matters most when it comes to successfully pursuing a dream. We think it is sexy. We think it is vital. We think it is everything. It’s not.

I wrote a comment on this post that reiterated something that anyone who knows me has heard before… I will take willing over talented any day. Someone who is willing to serve demonstrates a subservient heart. Talent can go awry quick.

And, you can’t teach willing.

Check it out… Is it OK to be a talented jerk? | Jon Acuff’s Blog.