Where Is the Line Online?

My kids are getting older.

As they do, I begin to question a decision I made when I began blogging…

No pix of my kids on NoCamo.


The creeper angle.

I’m pretty protective of my family. The thought of anybody and everybody able to look at (read: leer at) my children is not an appealing prospect.

I have heard the arguments for and against. One of the arguments for posting pix online is that we live in a society of access, which has virtually no limit.

Others say that those who would leer at children online pick their targets differently than a simple Google search.

Still, I have my reservations.

I’ve pulled much of my personal information from my Facebook, and it is for friends only. I’m in the “I don’t trust Facebook” camp, and am looking into other options for sharing pictures and videos with friends online.

This blog and my Twitter are public mediums. The picture above is the only picture of Lyddie you will find on this site. Tony isn’t here at all.

I struggled for a long time with the thought of even using my children’s NAMES online. Obviously, I have gotten over that. But I’m sticking with my “no pix” policy. At least for now.

Questions… Where do you draw the line online? What personal media do you post publicly? Am I being paranoid?