Gave Myself Permission to Skip My Bible Reading Plan for a Day

As I have mentioned before, I thoroughly enjoy reading my Bible this year using the Prof. Horner Bible Reading Plan on YouVersion. Ten chapters a day from all parts of the Bible. It is allowing me a better view of the cohesiveness of Scripture.

But yesterday I skipped it.

I purchased the DVD set of the Elephant Room, an event put together by Pastor James MacDonald and Walk In the Word. James got a groups of pastors together (Steven Furtick, Mark Driscoll, Greg Laurie, Matt Chandler, David Platt, Perry Noble, and himself) to discuss their views on ministry, methods, and tactics.

As I lay in bed last night watching one of the “conversations,” a list of scriptures were mentioned about the topic of compassion ministries and whether they are part of the Gospel or a hinderance to it. As I scribbled these down, I wanted to immediately go seek these chapters out and dive in, but I knew that I had my Bible reading to do.

Yes, that means I didn’t do my quiet time in the morning. Don’t tell anyone.

I realized that I needed to not be so dogmatic about my reading plan and simply go read the chapters God had put in front of me. I am finding that the method of reading the Word is far less important than the actual consumption of the Word.

Think about it. When a starving man gets to eat, he’s not going to be interested in manners for manners’ sake. He’s going to get his grub on. I am far from “starving” as far as the Bible is concerned, but I still need to consume mass quantities. As do we all.

I learned a lot from the DVD, and even more from the Word. I’ll get back on track with my reading plan, and everything will work out fine.

Question: Have you ever found yourself more caught up in HOW you read your Bible than actually READING it?