Mining for Tweets – How I Provide Spectacular Social Media Stuff

miningGotta love a snappy title.

Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Sharemess, Garbage-go, Picsofmyfood-ster…

(OK, I might have made a couple of those up)

…much of what we do online today is sharing with others. Tips, news, recommendations, opinions… so many ways to contribute to the virtual conversation.

I do what I can to share info with those in my circles. When I am not posting about my own thoughts or reposting the thoughts of others, here is where I mine for gold…

  • Google Reader. I keep up with many blogs. When I read something that I feel has value, I send out a link.
  • Flipboard. I love this app. It is a great app for consuming data, and it connects me to topics that I would not choose to peruse were they not presented in such an accessible fashion.
  • Pulse. Another great app. I use this primarily as a news reader, and it does a great job of allowing me to skim through a great deal of information with minimal effort.

Any other apps that I should check out?