Inspiration from Pickles and Running Pixels

I have been thinking about the origin of inspiration. What causes inspiration? I’ve written about the fact that I blog in bursts because it seems like inspiration comes to me in waves, but it also comes from odd sources.

And if you want an example from this blog, just go to my post about pickles.

Yes, pickles.

If you are a regular #NoCamo reader, you may remember the pickle post. Or you may have chosen to forget it.

I’m not saying it was a bad post. I’m saying it was, well, odd. The argument can, of course, be made that you write what you know.

Now, I’m not just referring to creative inspiration. I’m talking about being inspired. And with my current #5Korbust endeavor, I have found inspiration in an unlikely place…

The End.

Yes, I have found a new iPhone game addiction. It is similar to Temple Run, but it a post-nuclear-war-end-of-the-world running game. Instead of coins, you collect duct tape, because every post-nuclear-war-end-of-the-world civilization runs on duct tape. Obviously.

Anyway, it occurred to me that this dude can run FOREVER. Jumping over flaming cars, sliding under exploded semi trailers… getting faster all the while.

Why can’t I do that?

And so I run. I do not jump over flaming cars or slide under exploded semi trailers. But every now and then, the curb seem a foot high. And I leap up there like a maniac, almost every time.

Where are some odd places you have found inspiration? Don’t be shy.