New Year Pickles

Wall of Preserves & Pickles
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It is 2011. The New Year! So for my first post, I thought I would get into the swing of things by talking about…


I dislike them.

I’m not really sure why. I like cucumbers. I like salty things. But I can’t eat pickles. Don’t even like handling them.

I watched Unwrapped on Food Network not long ago. This show deals with how various foods are produced. This particular episode dealt with Mt. Olive Sweet Relish, which I do not endorse, because, well, read the first paragraph.

They interviewed various employees who make this condiment. It was told by one of them that they use ugly pickles to make relish. Knobby, misshapen, or otherwise oddly sized. This is because the “attractive” pickles are used for, well, pickles.

Then I got to thinking…

  • I’ll bet the knobby pickles wish they weren’t relish.
  • Some may even resent the pickles in the spotlight, while they serve in a supporting role on some hot dog somewhere.
  • Do they think their culinary contribution to the world is less important than their cylindrical counterparts?
  • Would a hot dog lover disagree?

We do this in church. Sometimes, we believe we belong in a jar of dills when we were designed for mashing and spreading on a frank. Do we envy the gherkins in the spotlight?

(In case you are wondering, this is NOT the oddest concept for a blog post I have ever come up with. However, it may be the oddest I’ve ever posted. You be the judge.)

Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “New Year Pickles

  1. Perhaps your angst is really just an after-effect of the most traumatic pickle movie ever filmed…
    …have we got a show for you…

    Fortunately, God can convert an ugly pickle into an illuminated pickle…the pickle just needs to get hooked on God…

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