Fitness with Apps Part 3 – Desire

I had something of a breakthrough in my 5K training today (check out the other Fitness with Apps posts here and here).

I’ve been semi-laid-up all week. Had the makings of a cold. Whenever I get a cold, it settles right on my throat and I can’t talk for a week. Since I spend my work day talking, I couldn’t really afford to be sick, so I’ve taken it easy for a few days, and that includes no running. As I am starting to feel better, I planned to run this morning.

And then it happened.

I could hardly sleep last night. I was actually looking forward to running. That has NEVER happened before.

I ran the furthest distance of my life, to my recollection, this morning. Of course, the #fail part is the fact that I chose this morning to try out Nike+ to track my run. I usually use RunKeeper and am happy with its performance, but I am always trying out new things to see if there are better solutions available. While I have a wish list for RunKeeper, at least it tracks more than .1 mile of my progress! Nike+ simply quit working in the background. Yeesh.

I feel great. I’m losing weight. And I am truly grateful for my health. I thank God constantly that I am getting a second chance at my health, because I know there are many that can’t exercise and would really like the opportunity. I plan to make the most of this to God’s glory.

Any running apps I should try that won’t lose my workout, but that have more social options than RunKeeper?

4 thoughts on “Fitness with Apps Part 3 – Desire

    1. I’ve heard about that! I want to try it out, but I need to get through my training for now. I truly go a different route every morning and need an app that keeps track of my distance.

        1. I’ve looked at that too. The trick is that I already have an archive of runs on RunKeeper and Map My Run is so similar that it doesn’t justify a switch. I liked what is saw, though.

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