I am at my best physically when I am faithful in my running. I love the various aspects of being a runner – the health benefits, the gadgets and gear, the effect on my stamina and state of mind, getting outside. But my faithfulness wavered for a while when the weather turned cold. Bottom line: […]

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Surrounded by Drywall

I like to listen to podcasts of sermons during my morning run.  It is the only time where I can listen with enough focus, and also when I desperately want to tune out the sound of me breathing. Yesterday morning,  I listened to Francis Chan preaching from Revelation. Francis is one of my favorite preachers,  […]

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#5Korbust – Today Is the Day

Well, my first 5K race is this evening. As I’ve written before, I am running in the Midsummer Night’s Run in Lexington, Kentucky this evening. I’m excited! I have been looking forward to this race ever since I decided to do it. I’m not looking to win the thing. but I doubt I’ll be last, […]

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