Fitness with Apps Part 2 – Conviction

As I said in my last post, I’ve struggled with my weight for a very long time, and only recently have I taken a serious look at my eating habits and opted to make better choices for the sake of my health. The benefits in that regard are obvious.

Lately, I’ve also begun to see Jamy’s point of view when discussing weight loss: conviction. Let’s face it… in Church World, gluttony is not a sin that is addressed well. Frankly, I don’t think it is addressed enough. And part of the problem is that, in many churches, gluttony is celebrated in the name of fellowship. It stings to type that, but it’s true. And I’ve been guilty more times than I care to recall.

So now, it has become part of my confessions during prayer. Recently, I’ve actually felt conviction after over-indulging on food. And that has NEVER happened before.

“It’s just food” doesn’t apply when it consumes your every thought, whim, desire… it becomes an idol. Food becomes a PURPOSE. A DESTINATION. And that never fully goes away. After all, you can’t just give up food. Doesn’t work that way. But how much food does a person need? It took me an app to re-learn that. And I’m still learning.

From a #NoCamo standpoint, my physical appearance was not of someone who had victory over the spoils of this fallen world. I looked like someone who overindulged with abandon. I still look that way to a certain extent, as a consequence of previous faulty decisions. But by God’s grace, I’m understanding how to better manage my health to the extent I have any say-so. I am training for a 5K in August, and I have more energy than I’ve had in years. And I’m grateful to God for my health and the ability to get a handle on things. He is so gracious to me in every regard.

To what extent is physical appearance an item of concern in ministry? Does it matter? Should it matter?

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  1. Good stuff. Just like you i believe this is subject that needs to be addresses more often than it is in churchs today.

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