New Old Chevys and Banged Up Guitars

My family and I were driving the other day, and we saw a really cool ’57 Chevy.

Now, I am by no means a car guy. As a kid, I liked cars. I drew cars. I collected Matchbox cars. But today… not so much. Nevertheless, this car was cool.

I noticed that this particular car had the classic silhouette of the ’57, but was painted and appointed in modern ways. And, instead of the classic car license plate that only allows a car owner to drive a limited number of miles per year (for show cars and such), this car was licensed to drive. And the couple inside looked like they were enjoying the ride.

Use your tools

In Seven Tools I Use to Blog In Bursts, I outlined some of the tools I use to maintain #NoCamo. It occurs to me that the only useful tool is the one that is USED.

Another example of this would be my guitars.

I know that there are guitar owners out there that buy vintage guitars, hang them on the wall, and only take them down to clean them. This is agin my upbringin’. I bang the fire out of my instruments.

They have nicks and scratches and dings and battle scars. They get used.

Having a ton of apps on your phone is cool if you use them. It isn’t cool if they live in a folder, never opened.

Clear it out

I find myself in a season where I am looking to simplify my existence, paring down the number of tools I possess to the few that I actually use. Cleaning out my computers, my phone, my closet… whatever might hold tools that are just of no use anymore. As a tried and convicted pack rat, this will be no small feat. But I am motivated.

Anybody else feel overwhelmed with useless tools?