Google’s Project Glass and Its Ministry Potential

As loyal NoCamo readers know, I am hopelessly enamored with new technology. I am intrigued with the direction and scope of today’s technological possibilities, especially from the point of view of a Christian and a church creative. The opportunities that technology allows for the Gospel have barely been explored, in my opinion.

Tablets are being used in missionary work and accountability group situations. Multi-site churches utilize web streaming to reach people for Christ. Smart phones have positively (for the most part) changed the way pastors serve their Lord and their respective flocks. Computing in general has improved the way churches manage their records and communication. I could go on, but the point needs no further proof.

So when Google announced their Project Glass, my attention was grabbed.

I expect to be an early adopter. Normally, whenever a new piece of tech comes out that I wish to explore, I wait for bugs to be worked out and manufacturing to get more normalized. But, Lord and finances willing, I really love to be sporting the specs to some extent soon after release.


  1. The whole cool / dorky factor. OK, I’ll admit they are not stylish as they are. But they are cool, not because of how they look, but because of what they DO.
  2. Technology takes a back (or side) seat to life. Now, whenever we want to check in at a location, or get a calendar reminder, or take a photo of something, we have to take out our smart phones and shut out the rest of the world to some extent. With smart specs (don’t know if I’ve coined that term or not), a user can quickly glance at a HUD, give a voice command or two, and go about their business.
  3. Want to focus on life? Take ’em off. Unlike smart phones, smart specs are completely ignorable when not worn. That’s a bonus in my book.

The potential ministry uses for smart specs are many…

  • Pastoral care and visitation becomes easier, with turn by turn directions, facility maps (hospitals, for example), contact information and visit details at a glance, and other uses.
  • What if worship leaders could have lyrics and chord changes at a glance, without confidence monitors? Imagine leading with just an instrument, in-ear monitors, and smart specs for cues. Very cool.
  • Day-to-day administrative tasks could be better organized and streamlined. Ministry assistants could flash instant messages to pastoral staff discretely and instantly.

I’m sure there are others, and, as these types of specs (other companies will likely follow Google’s lead) gain popularity, their usefulness will become more apparent.

Will you sport these specs? Why or why not?

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