Just Dance, Fundy Edition

JAM Student Ministries presents “Hero”

Sunday morning at LBT touched my heart.

The children’s ministry, JAM (Jesus And Me), at LBT signed the song Hero by the band Abandon. Awesome song. Awesome message. Awesome use of black lights. Check it out…

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Google’s Project Glass and Its Ministry Potential

As loyal NoCamo readers know, I am hopelessly enamored with new technology. I am intrigued with the direction and scope of today’s technological possibilities, especially from the point of view of a Christian and a church creative. The opportunities that technology allows for the Gospel have barely been explored, in my opinion.

Tablets are being used in missionary work and accountability group situations. Multi-site churches utilize web streaming to reach people for Christ. Smart phones have positively (for the most part) changed the way pastors serve their Lord and their respective flocks. Computing in general has improved the way churches manage their records and communication. I could go on, but the point needs no further proof.

So when Google announced their Project Glass, my attention was grabbed.

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Poetic Rendition of the Crucifixion as a Wedding

I tweeted this the other day…


As I am true to my word, here is the video…

I don’t believe I have ever heard the crucifixion related to the bride of Christ, His church, in this way before. I had never heard of the poet, David Bowden, before seeing this video, and know nothing of his background, but I intend to check out his work.

Take a minute to watch this. What are your thoughts?

Meet Ned

Ned made his debut at our church during an offering announcement video a few weeks ago regarding our upcoming Fall Festival. Here, he makes his return to the screen (or screens across the Internet, as it were) in the “viral” version of the ad. If you look closely, you can also see the debut of my daughter’s new toy, Squirrelly…


PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT a videographer of ANY discernible sort, and make no claims to that effect whatsoever. Enjoy!