#3 Post of 2011… Cutting the Cord: the Result

A while back, I wrote about my plan and intention to cut my family’s cable television service and rely on internet services for our video entertainment needs (as much as you can call entertainment a “need,” but that’s another post for another time).

We have decided to forgo this approach for now. We intend to revisit the idea when the kids are a little older.

I thought I would outline the reasoning behind our delay…

  1. The kids. As much as I tried to believe that internet sources like Hulu and Netflix would suffice in the kid department, I don’t think they are quite there yet. In addition, we need our kids to be able to access the shows that we allow them to watch without too much technological muss and fuss.
  2. U-verse. Quite frankly, much of my inspiration to make the move to a cable-free existence is the existence of our cable provider, Charter. Can’t stand ’em. Random outages, slow internet speeds during peak hours, bad HD functionality, high cost… not much to like as a consumer. When we looked into AT&T U-verse, we were totally sold. Working perfectly so far.
  3. Data caps. As our deadline to decision approached, I started reading stories about internet providers capping data downloads, essentially weeding out users of high amounts of content. Not crazy about the future ramifications of this development, as I believe innovation online will lead to larger download needs for the average user. At any rate, the prospect of getting our internet service disconnected or our bill increased due to Daddy’s (read: my) HD fascination was less than favorable.

QUESTION: Do any NoCamo readers have any responses to any of the three issues listed above? I’d especially love to hear from those who have cut their cable.