#2 Post of 2011… Albert Pujols, Beats by Dr. Dre, and Christmas

The other day, Jamy and I were out Christmas shopping at Best Buy. They had a big sign for Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. I know a lot of celebrities and musicians that swear by them, but I’m just not willing to pay all that money for headphones with a rapper from the 90’s on the label. Not worth the money, in my opinion.

In other news, Albert Pujols recently took some flack from a few baseball fans for taking a pay raise and moving to California to get it. I have never known anyone who would turn down a substantial pay raise in their profession, but that’s just me.

What’s the point, Jon? Glad you asked.

The headphones were not worth the money to me, but obviously some music fans feel that they indeed are worth the money. Pundits feel that Albert isn’t worth what he is being paid, but the Angels, and the Cardinals before them, disagree and are willing to fork it over for him to play on their respective teams.

When Christ came to earth to pay the penalty for our sins on the cross, God the Father showed His creation exactly how much it is worth to Him. And by shedding His blood on Calvary, Christ showed that we are worth the ultimate price… His life. We are of eternal worth to the God that created us and to His Son who sacrificed Himself to save us.

This Christmas, take a moment to reflect on what was required to pay our sin debt, and the willingness of our Savior to shed His blood for the redemption of our sins. Not a believer? Go here.

Merry Christmas!