#1 Post of 2011… To Unfollow or Not to Unfollow – My Twitter Strategy

Slow down, Bandwagon. Time for me to jump on.

I’ve seen a few posts lately (namely from Carlos Whitaker, Michael Hyatt, and a few others) about Twitter strategy – follow back, don’t follow back, un-follow everyone, cancel your account altogether. Although I am hardly the most followed, most guru-iest tweeter around, I have picked up a few things here and there that I thought I would share.

  1. To follow back or not? Yes. For the most part, if you follow me and are a human, I will follow back. If you are a company, only tweet appearance schedules, have a link in every tweet, or are only SEO techniques and more follower strategies… no thanks.
  2. The beauty of lists. I have two main lists: a private list that I read instead of my timeline, and a list of tweeters from my church. Since Twitter got a little squirrely the other day, I resurrected a previous account to be my backup list account, from which I do not tweet, DM, or reply. I just read it. But now that lists are back up and running, I’m back on my @jonwellman account exclusively.
  3. Hootsuite FTW. Love it. Couldn’t do Twitter the same without it. This is my main screen. 
    Here I have my main list, Facebook (names edited out for privacy), my Twitter stream, and my mentions. There is some other stuff to the right… DMs and church’s feeds. Works very well for me.
  4. No rules. I am on Twitter because I ENJOY it. I like the people I get to know, the conversations we have, the insights I get to read on a daily basis. These are the ways I choose to manage this tool, but they are not set in stone and they are not for everyone. If this helps someone navigate the tweetable waters, great.

What are you Tools of the Tweet? How do you keep your sanity 140 characters at a time?