#4 Post of 2011… Write a Letter

Monday nights are outreach nights.

We invite our church family to meet at the church, pair up, and hit the pavement to welcome our guests and prospective attenders.

Some are unable to do this, so we also write letters to those whom have just moved into the area. Our volunteers write these letters by hand, and our office staff inserts a church brochure which includes the plan of salvation.

A few days ago, we received a letter.

A young lady wrote the letter. She stated that she received our outreach letter. She also stated that she read the brochure and PRAYED TO RECEIVE CHRIST!

How awesome is that!

This incident reminded me of a few things…

  1. There are no small acts of sacrifice in God’s economy. Everything we do in service to God is important. That outreach letter and brochure changed a young lady’s life forever.
  2. We may never know the impact of what we do. Who knew that a letter sent to an unknown individual would result in a new believer?!? We might not have learned about her until we reached heaven if she hadn’t written us a letter herself.
  3. We all can do SOMETHING. There is a task for EVERY believer. We just need to be willing.

QUESTION: Have you ever done something for the sake of the Gospel that you felt was insignificant, but proved of immense worth to the cause of Christ?