Cutting the Cord

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I am thinking about cutting my cable.

Jamy and I have been talking about ways to lower our cable bill for some time now. We thought about going with a different company, but that just seems to be more hassle than it’s worth. I have read articles online about watching television via the Internet, but I haven’t believed that to be a viable solution.

Until now.

I am already a big fan of Hulu. Hulu is a service that was started by heads of FOX and NBC to compete with DVRs. They offer first-fun programming with limited commercials for free (or for low cost with the relatively new Hulu Plus).

I read an article the other day about Roku. Roku offers these small cablebox-style boxes that compile a number of Internet media content providers and stream them to your television in HD (when available). The top model is $99.


When you do the math, it makes a lot of sense. There would be an upfront cost, of course, because each TV needs a box. But Roku offers three different boxes with various features, with one priced at only $59. WiFi is an available option, so cabling wouldn’t be an issue. The monthly cost of high-speed Internet and a subscription to Hulu Plus and Netflix would PALE in comparison to the bill from our unnamed current provider.

I’m about 80% there. Hangups? There are a couple… these two little people who like to hang around my house. That’s right… my rugamuffins. Children’s programming is somewhat limited, although I have read that Netflix is improving in this area. And, when you think about it, to what extent are the kids sitting in front of the TV waiting for something GOOD to come on when all they have to do is hop on Netflix or Hulu Plus and PICK something good? Shows will start when they want them to start, pause when they have to take a break, and they could watch the shows as often as they want.

Still weighing our options, but I like the idea of saving a ton of money and being more focused as a family in our TV viewing.

(For the fellow Apple loyalists out there… I am aware the new Apple TV is out there, but it doesn’t support Hulu Plus OR 1080p.)


2 thoughts on “Cutting the Cord

  1. When we moved to a small town a year ago, we were surprised that we couldn’t pick up any local stations. We considered getting cable, but instead just went the internet route. We are very pleased with the decision.

    We don’t have Hulu Plus or Roku, and our kids are never lacking in something to watch. Netflix has indeed added tons of television shows for kids, even some of the best ones (Blue’s Clues, for example).

    Our television may differ from many families. We don’t watch live sports games, nor do we watch live news coverage. I’m not aware of where do find these things online if we did. But for us, this was definitely the way to go.

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